3D Capture
your products easily
Increase your revenue and
customer experience today

RestAR enables retail businesses to convert a simple video of their products to 3D/AR visualization using AI with any mobile device.

How does it work?

Our technology combines both computer vision and deep learning algorithms based on cutting-edge academic research.
Step 1
Take 1min video of your product
Step 2
Review your 4K 3D model
Step 3
Distribute and embed everywhere

Explore all the opportunities

Now you don't need any extra devices to build high resolution models. Use your smartphone video to make realistic 3D models and easily integrate them.
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High-quality 3D models enable customers to fully visualize the product details and are a valuable addition alongside product photos.
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Makes a new environment for non-traditional promotions. Use the 3D models in your Instagram, Facebook and Google ads to increase CTR.
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Easily integrated in augmented reality applications. Give customers the ability to make decisions based on a realistic performance in their own environment.

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